Sunday, 31 August 2014

More Timanfaya

Further Explorations

I am still finding lots to explore in the volcanic landscapes. I have been exploring some more subtle colours and gentler textures.


This piece  was an experiment incorporating some sections of text from the eyewitness report of the volcanic eruptions written by the local priest. He uses some wonderfully descriptive and poetic language
'New eruptions started on January 7, 1731, with spontaneous fireworks embellishing the sadness and desolation of the south. Powerful eruptions with incandescent lava and blue and red lighting crossed the night sky.'

 These small pieces use the more subtle colours and sections of the text, they weren't intended as a triptych but they do work quite well together. I think I might develop this on a larger scale - the triptych idea could be a first stage to worker larger and creating more impact.
 This is the latest piece that I have done which I think works well and brings together the ideas and techniques that I have been exploring. I just hope that the paint is dry for Wirksworth next weekend!

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